My blog address changed

I have changed my blog address.

Now it is blog.vsl.name .

Just vsl.name will redirect you to the right address. So, it works too.

Old address will redirect you to the new one soon. All the links should work. If not, please, contact me.


Sideling Hill Road Cut by I-68 at Maryland

A week ago I was at the trip to Washington, D.C. to pick up a new passport. On my way there was a sounding Sideling Hill ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sideling_Hill ), cut by two by the Interstate 68 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_68 ). I was impressed by the sightseeing and made a few photos:


Douglas SBD Dauntless @ Chicago Midway Airport

At Chicago Midway Airport I found a memorial, dedicated to Battle of Midway with Douglas SBD Dauntless as its central part. I was unable to stop myself making photo by photo! Enjoy!

Photos from trip to Chicago, IL

And another bunch of traveler's photos. These are from my trip to Chicago, IL at 06--07 of September to participate in 2013 Midwest Theory GetTogether.

BTW, Google+ joined few photos to make a sounding panoramas. I found it interesting.

Photos from a car trip to Washington, DC

Hi All,

Hope, this post find you well. At 24--25 of July I made an exciting car trip from Athens, OH to Washington, DC. It was my first long-range driving experience. Here are the photos I made during this trip:


Photos from short walk at East Lansing & Lansing, MI @ 2013-05-17

Here are the photos from the short walk at East Lansing & Lansing, MI @ 2013-05-17:

Special thanks to Brandon and Stephanie Burke!

Few photos from the trip to East Lansing, MI @ 2013-05

Here are few photos from the visit to East Lansing, MI at May 2013:

Views around Athens, OH made @ 2013-05-04

These are some views around Athens, OH:

The photos were made during my bike trip @ 2013-05-04

Photos from the way College Station, TX to Athens, OH @ 2013-04-30

Hi all,

Here are some photos, which were made during the trip from College Station, TX to Athens, OH @ 2013-04-30: