My blog was moved to a new address

My english blog was moved to a new address vas.davimas.name . For feed (RSS or Atom) readers nothing had changed. Others should update their bookmarks. Until the end of October, 2011 the old addresses of my posts should be working.

Hello, Posterous!

Hello, Posterous!
This is just my first post here! I am using Autopost feature to share this message across my other blogs.


Simplenote clients for Android-based device

Today, alone with my friend, I had tested Simplenote-compatible apps for Android.

The best for me is JadeNote. The only one unfavorable point of this app is syncronisation of my shared notes, changed by another person. I can not understand the reason, why JadeNote did not see this changes from time to time. But sometimes, when the stars are going right, I think, ;) this simplenote client works fine with this shared items. :)


Some words about mail import to Gmail

It is not a comprehensive manual. It's just a blog note to remember some tricky solutions ("dirty tricks"). Feel free to contact me.

Suggest You set up Your Gmail account and decide to move all e-mail activities under Google's wing. Perhaps You have approx. 2Gb at Your old mailbox you@example.com. How to pull this archive to Your new Gmail you@gmail.com?