The core of my Web-site is restored

Today I have finished cleaning up the core of my family Web-site davimas.name . But photo gallery still does not work: it was the attacker's primary target.


My site is under attack

My family web-site davimas.name is under attack. Someone is hacking it. I am working to restore normal workprocess, but it takes some time. Until everything will be done, something may go wrong.
I am sorry for any inconvenience.


To-Do web-apps from Android user's point of view

I need semi-offline To-Do manager with web-interface for ordinary work and Android app to edit lists "on the go". Syncronisation required.
Producteev has only iPhone app or web-interface. Out of competition.
The main intrigue is between two competitors: gTasks and Wunderlist. Wunderlist looks smarter, has shared lists to allow my wife control purchase list. But this app has not really working options to set only manual syncronisation and to reorder tasks at list manually. GTasks, on other hand, has a minimalistic interface, have not shared lists, or I failed to locate them, but it has manual syncronisation and task ordering options.
It seems complex, but I use both competitors: Wunderlist to control home purchases list and GTasks to control other tasks.


My blog was moved to a new address

My english blog was moved to a new address vas.davimas.name . For feed (RSS or Atom) readers nothing had changed. Others should update their bookmarks. Until the end of October, 2011 the old addresses of my posts should be working.

Hello, Posterous!

Hello, Posterous!
This is just my first post here! I am using Autopost feature to share this message across my other blogs.


Simplenote clients for Android-based device

Today, alone with my friend, I had tested Simplenote-compatible apps for Android.

The best for me is JadeNote. The only one unfavorable point of this app is syncronisation of my shared notes, changed by another person. I can not understand the reason, why JadeNote did not see this changes from time to time. But sometimes, when the stars are going right, I think, ;) this simplenote client works fine with this shared items. :)


Some words about mail import to Gmail

It is not a comprehensive manual. It's just a blog note to remember some tricky solutions ("dirty tricks"). Feel free to contact me.

Suggest You set up Your Gmail account and decide to move all e-mail activities under Google's wing. Perhaps You have approx. 2Gb at Your old mailbox you@example.com. How to pull this archive to Your new Gmail you@gmail.com?


Victory Day

Today is the Victory Day. At this day we celebrate defeat of Nazi Germany by Allies. It was a hard victory. Very hard. Only USSR lost more than 20 millions of lives in this war. My grandfathers and grandmothers saved in their memories this day. For everyone this day was individual, but everyone remember it.


Welcome to the gallery at davimas.name!

Yesterday Photo gallery at my family's web-site open doors for users. Welcome to davimas.name/photos!

ZenPhoto: Powerful tool to make photo galleries

After relocation of my family's web-site davimas.name to Dreamhost, I get the ability to place entire photos from Nuclear Physics Conferences and many other images, too large to be published using Flikr or Pikasa. But what software is the most suitable to manage multi-album, tree-like set of photos?


MoinMoin and Sitemap

To inform search engines about available URLs at Your web-site You can use sitemaps in special XML-format (http://www.sitemaps.org/).

Such useful XML can be generated by MoinMoin wiki engine in response to request like: http://example.com/FirstPage?action=sitemap Here FirstPage is the start page of Your wiki.

I write this post, suggesting Your site uses "clean URLs" technology, described in my previous post: http://en.vas.davimas.name/2011/04/moinmoin-wiki-engine-and-clean-urls.html


vas-short-progs - Simple Programs for Education Purposes

Project vas-short-progs is just a collection of simple and short programs for education and demonstration purposes.

Now it has only one simple Java program: MemoryCache. MemoryCache is used to demonstrate students how to implement simple caching system, storing cached objects in Heap.

vas-short-progs hosting configuration is equal to schq with code hosted and managed throw Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/vas-short-progs and wiki at my family's website: http://davimas.name/software/vas-short-progs.

schq - Two-Body Radial Schroedinger Equation Solver for Local Potentials Model

This is the computational program, used by international group of theoreticians at nuclear physics to obtain characteristics of few-body nuclear systems at low energies.

Development process of schq passed the startup phase. The first release should be published in aim to make this program available for everyone of our group. Also we need instruments to develop schq and adopt it for the new tasks.

It is just a task for a Launchpad! schq project registered as: http://launchpad.net/schq at Launchpad. As of cbr2ecbformat case, schq project's wiki placed at my family's web-site. But in the case of schq, this is due to lack of wiki service at Launchpad.

Long live Launchpad!

Launchpad - software collaboration platform, that looks great!

I look for a place to host the code of my projects. This should be as free software's place as possible.

So, I find Launchpad. It looks great! Moreover, it uses GNU Bazaar as CVS! For me it is amazing! I like Bazaar and use this CVS to control my projects' code during more than two years.

But Launchpad not only give the way to host the project's code. It gives an instruments for Bug tracking, Code reviews (and making releases), Blueprints, Answers, and more, and more...

I shall try Launchpad in real tasks.

cbr2ecbformat - XML format converter for Virtuemart


This is my simple program to "teach" Virtuemart to get currencies exchange rates from www.cbr.ru in place of www.ecb.int.

MoinMoin wiki engine and "clean URLs"

What URLs look smarter? Just look:

I think, that the second URL looks smarter. Such URLs are called as "clean URLs". But how to achieve this at Your web-site, if You are using MoinMoin wiki engine as website revision system (WRS or CMS)?

How to use Google Analytics with MoinMoin wiki engine?

To start using Google Analytics, You must place some piece of code into Your site's webpages. What should be done, if Your site uses MoinMoin wiki engine as website revision system (WRS or CMS)? Where to place the code?


The first post

This is my first post to English blog. I have not anything in mind, what it should be. Now it is just blog.