Repost: Website vs. Facebook

Website vs. Facebook

Initially posted on August 23, 2012 by Chris Kruk
Source: http://blog.domainpeople.com/?p=101

Why should I pay for my own website when I can get on Facebook for free? This is a typical question I sometimes receive from business owners looking to establish an online presence to promote their services to a wider audience.

To begin with, we have to understand that we’re talking about two different animals here. Facebook is setup with a familiar layout and is used by millions of people to post, share, and discuss small chunks of easily consumed information. Social media services like Facebook are a great way for companies to promote their products or services with the hopes that the message will get passed on to friends of friends of friends, etc. A website on the other hand is where you want people on the web to visit when they’re looking for your type of products/services, or when they’ve been referred to your business by friends of friends of friends.

Your website is the virtual storefront or reception room that leaves a first and lasting impression with the people you are trying to attract to your business. A Facebook URL just doesn’t deliver the same level of professionalism that a unique domain name relative to your brand does.

A Facebook page gives no real sense of ownership, and your control over design and layout is severely limited. If your online presence consists of only a Facebook page, potential clients may perceive that as a lack of prefessionalism which could sway their decision to use your services. A website on the other hand is virtual real-estate that you own and control.  There’s no limitation on how you present content, how you layout your information and link it all together.

There’s no denying social networking plays a big part in today’s online society, but your website should be the foundation of your online presence where visitors can go to find all the content related to your business. I’ve always advocated getting the best of both worlds: use your website as the base and final online destination for your business, and social media as a place to promote, discuss, and share what you’re currently doing with your business.

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